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About Seven Organizer

Seven Organizer established on 7 October 2011. Starting from bold thinking from the owner named Edward Toscani Indrajaya, SE or who is often called “Tozca”, Seven Organizer established into many Event Organizer in Surabaya. The owner himself already had 2 years of experience as a crew from Event Organizer in Surabaya. With enough insight about the entertain world and brilliant ideas, the owner directly to set a target to compete with other major event organizers in Surabaya. Why is this EO was named “Seven Organizer”, because according to the feasibility study conducted by business owners, event organizers will have 7 division during development, which is the first division of the hip-hop dancer, decoration division, usherrates division, sound and lighting division, special effects division, wedding dancer division and event creator division.

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